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Tarmac Driveways

Blades Developments North West Limited are one of the driveway companies at the forefront for installation of resin drives, resin paths and resin patios.

We often get asked – what exactly is a resin bound drive? People have often driven past, or more often, walked on, and felt the benefit of resin paths, but are unsure exactly what it is they felt. A resin patio or any other resin covering in your property will look cleaner, drain easier, and have a beautiful symmetry which other driveways and entrances, just can’t match.

Blades Developments Resin drives are simply a Polyurethane Resin base, which is bound with an aggregate overlay of your choice, in order to finish a truly safe transit environment for your home, whether resin drive, resin paths or even resin patio.

Our trained install professionals will discuss with you, the types of resin, as well as the full range of aggregate overlay that you can choose for your path, patio or drive. Imagine the flexibility you can have in choosing a colour and type of stone, that is not only safe, but will best suit the presentation of your property. Safe in that there are no moving stones at all, and stylish, insofar as any size of shale, type of stone or colour of marble, can be used in our resin paths, resin drives or resin patios.